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First Time Buyers

Are you a first-time home buyer? Before you jump into the process, ask yourself exactly what it is you are looking for. Taking a little time now to focus your search will facilitate the process later. Here are some questions to help.


  • What are my minimum requirements for home size? How many bedrooms do I require? How many bathrooms? Will that change in the future? Are maid’s quarters a must? How much parking space do I expect?


  • Which areas am I comfortable living in? How close are these to my work and/or my children’s school? How much time are we willing to spend commuting each day? Is it important to me to be near family/nature/shopping/etc.?


  • Is it vital that my home be new construction? How much time and money am I willing and able to invest in refurbishing an older home? What level of luxury do I expect in my home’s features? How important to me is the presence of a full-time working elevator?


  • How much am I willing and able to put into a down payment? What can I afford monthly? What size loan will the bank give me?

Your perfect home will be a balance of these factors. It may not be possible to meet all your dream requirements and stay within your budget, so prioritize.

If you must have a bedroom for each child, for example, you may have to look in a less expensive area.  Or if location is key, be prepared to compromise on size and condition.

Our job at Beirutplus Real Estate is to get you the best possible house for your budget. We will help you think through these questions and find a house that you will love!

Buyer Beware: Before you commit, make sure the property has no hidden defects. Have the home professionally checked. Ask the neighbors.

Look into the legal status of the property. Assess the likelihood that new developments will be put up around your home.

A wise homebuyer will assure that everything is, in fact, as perfect as it seems. Beirutplus Real Estate will do everything in our power to assist you in this—we are on your side!

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